Monday, December 7, 2015

Burgos, Spain - A Day in Burgos

On a recent trip to Northern Spain we spent the day in Burgos, best known for its dramatic cathedral. We began the day by walking around the outdoor market, which sells handcrafted items as well as lots of yummy things to eat. After a tour of the gothic style Roman Catholic cathedral, we stopped at Valor for a late breakfast of churros and hot chocolate: a fried dough pastry that gets dipped directly into the rich chocolate sauce.

While nosing in and out of the shops around the main square we caught some sort of medieval parade.

Around lunchtime the streets fill to the brim with people out for their daily dose of pintxos: those small snacks the Basque region are famous for, similar to tapas. Instead of hopping in and out of each bar for a sampling, we decided to stay in one spot and sample all of the pintxos at Meson Los Herreros

It is a place the locals come to and the variety (over 60 different kinds) and combinations of pintxos are really quite incredible. Aside from what is on view at the bar, you can also order hot pintxos, like potato croquettes or tortilla.

I highly recommend a day trip to Burgos if you happen to be in the area. It is a lovely walkable city and foodies won't be disappointed.

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