Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Polis, Cyprus - Anassa Hotel

Ah New England winters: the temps are so cold they don't even bother to reach the freezing mark anymore, I'm wearing four layers, tights under my jeans, clunky snow boots, a hat, gloves, a scarf, a coat that looks like a sleeping bag: you get the picture. This morning on my two mile walk to work, as the windchill was biting me, I started day dreaming about last year's summer holiday, where all I needed was a bikini, a Panama hat and my lounge chair on the beach with the sparkly warm sun kissing me. Let me introduce you to the destination: Polis, Cyprus at the amazing Anassa Hotel, one of the Leading Hotels of the World.
(off the main lobby)

There is no need to leave the grounds of the Anassa once you have checked in. This is a full service property with a reknown spa, shops, over five different dining options, (a barbeque on the beach and a Cypriot festival with traditional buffet, live music and folk dancing both occur once a week), beach, multiple pools, golf and water sports. This is a truly elegant property that is meticulously kept up and the staff are amazingly accommodating.

(infinity pool with swim up bar and stools in the water)
(the little chapel and terrace set up for the weekly Cypriot Feast)
(my hotel room)
(preceding 3 photos © property of the Thanos Hotel Group)

Some of the highlights of the four nights I spent there were:
  • Morning breakfasts on the terrace with an elaborate buffet of everything you can imagine.
  • Being pampered on the beach. Every hour you get a refreshing cool-down treat courtesy of the hotel: watermelon, cold compress, a shot of lemon granita.
  • Sitting in the beautiful infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean at the swim up bar having cocktails.
  • Daily light lunches of hummus, olives, pita and fried cheese on the terrace.
  • Friday night at the Cypriot fair they hold in the shadow of the chapel on the property. This included an enormous buffet with local specialities, live music and traditional Cypriot folk dancers.
  • Lounging on my private balcony overlooking the sea.
  • A relaxing spa treatment.
  • Strolling the perfectly manicured and lush grounds
  • Browsing the shop for beautiful cover-ups and Acqua di Parma scented candles.
  • Al fresco dinners with sea breezes.
(view from my secluded room)
(the property from the beach)

If any of this appeals to you, you too will be dreaming one day about your experience here, just as I am.

*One should note that the property is closed during the winter months and temps in late summer can soar well above 104 degrees F, so plan accordingly. The closest airport is Paphos (PFO) and is 55km away, or about an hour drive by taxi. Pin It


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