Tuesday, April 17, 2012

London, England - Sunday Lunch at The Wolseley

On Sunday I went for a long, lazy lunch of steak and red Burgundy wine at one of my favorite spots in London: The Wolseley. Not only did their Sunday roast and Yorkshire pudding hit the spot, but imagine my surprise when James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, waltzed through the door and was seated at a nearby table!! There are few celebrities that get my heart racing, but Daniel Craig definitely falls into that category. This is really what makes The Wolseley such a great venue: spot-on food, the soaring ceiling and pleasing interior, lots of buzz, and almost always a celebrity sighting.

My lunch mate: Daniel Craig

Mixed beetroot, blood orange and horseradish salad

Chicken soup with dumplings

Sunday Roast: Roast beef and yorkshire pudding

Filet de boeuf au poivre and honey glazed carrots

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  1. OK, I'm jealous. What a perfect Sunday !!

  2. Now THIS looks like a classy lunch you've had there! Especially the place where u had it..Was Daniel Craig part of the menu? :)