Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rome, Italy - Sora Margherita

I just got back from an extended weekend in Italy with my parents, and our very first stop off the plane from London was lunch at the restaurant Sora Margherita (Piazza delle Cinque Scole, 30) in the former Jewish ghetto in Rome.

The only hint that you have reached the right place is a small stone sign that sits flush to the wall that reads "Sora Margherita" and a row of wooden chairs outside for those waiting to eat. There are only about ten tables inside (very rudimentary tables constructed from 2 x 4s and screwed together) and each day the menu, which is reminiscent of a 2nd grade art project, is hand-written in colored markers on heavy construction paper.

Liter of house red wine "alla spina" or from the tap
Carciofo alla giudia or jewish style fried artichoke
Carciofi ripassati or artichokes boiled then cooked in a pan
Fiori di zucca or fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella and anchovies

The most characteristic part of the restaurant is the wait staff. No matter what you feel like ordering, they are going to bring you what they want you to eat. Just succumb to it and I promise you won't be disappointed, it is part of the charm of this restaurant.

All of the pasta is handmade each and every day
Gnocchi al ragu or potato gnocchi in meat sauce
Tagliatelle Cacio e Pepe or tagliatelle with cheese and pepper
I just couldn't resist including a picture of our bill at the end of the meal. What the heck does it say and what better evidence is needed to prove that Sora Margherita is a cash only operation? Ha ha. At €22 per person for food and wine this good, you just can't miss eating here on your next trip to Rome! 

The bill! 
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  1. the pasta looks amazing... I love that it's made my hand daily... yum yum!