Wednesday, July 3, 2013

London, England - Borough Market

No trip to London is complete without visiting the food frenzy that is Borough Market. Not only can you eat yourself silly trying almost every kind of cuisine, but you can also do some serious grocery shopping at so many interesting cheese, fresh meat, fish and produce stands. This one stand, for instance, specializes only in various kinds of mushrooms:

Couldn't resist a portion of fresh gnocchi:

... and how cute are these mozzarella ball ice cream cones?!

The one stand at Borough Market you absolutely cannot miss is the grilled cheese stand called Kappacasein... trust me on this one! 

Their grilled cheese is a mix of Montgomery cheddar, Ogleshield, and Comte cheeses, five types of onions and Poilane sourdough bread:

Its all pressed on a warm grill:

Raclette with melted Ogleshield and new potatoes:

There are also several oyster bars to try out around the periphery of the market, including the famous Wright Brothers:

And the line for amazing single cone filter coffee at Monmouth never subsides:

Black truffles, yum:

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