Friday, November 1, 2013

Florence, Italy - Caffe Gilli

Every time I arrive in Florence I go directly to caffe Gilli as my first stop. Period. 

This bar/caffe/pasticceria/chocolate shop has been around since 1733. For 280 years Gilli has been serving the likes of Florentine nobility to Emilio Pucci, and now present day locals, tourists and Hollywood celebrities. Gilli personifies the European caffe culture that I wish existed in the US. Imagine having a caffe like this to go to in your neighborhood? Sigh. 

The most difficult part of a visit to Gilli is deciding what to order. They hand make all of their own chocolates and pastries, each one more delicious than the next. Talk about an embarrassment of riches...

Who am I to say no to someone who has been producing chocolate for over 250 years?!!?

One thing I always marvel at is how beautiful the packaging is in Italy. Gilli has beautiful gift boxes allowing you to bring treats home to very lucky friends ...

Around the corner from the pastry counter is the bar, which is the perfect spot for an aperitivo, and in addition to a fully stocked liquor cabinet, serves some of the finest whiskies alongside an extensive wine collection looked after by their sommelier. 

I decided to take my aperitivo outside last week and enjoy the last days of beautiful weather... 

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  1. I just sent this link to my niece who is studying in Florence. Now my brother & whole family flew over to see her & had a a huge meal at caffe Gilli. Thanks! Claire