Friday, May 23, 2014

Paris, France - Cafe de Flore

You simply can't argue with 129 years of prestige and a longstanding reputation as one of the best coffee houses in Paris. Cafe de Flore, on the left bank at the corner of Boulevard Saint Germain, has seen intellectuals, celebrities and tourists walk through its doors for nearly thirteen decades.

The cafe gets its name from the Roman mythological statue of Flora, goddess of the spring season and flowers, located on the opposite side of the boulevard.

Open all day and evening, you can sit for drinks, a light meal of sandwiches, salads and omelets or delicious pastries, and watch the fashionable Parisians come and go.

Salade Nicoise
Artichoke Salad
Ham and emmenthal baguette
Croque Monsieur

When you are tired of walking the beautiful streets of Paris, this fashionable and historical cafe is the perfect place to recharge and reflect on the fact that the likes of Picasso, Sartre and Camus have all sat in those iconic red chairs before you.

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