Saturday, July 16, 2011

San Nicola Arcella, Italy - A long weekend in Calabria

Woke up to this absolutely stunning view this morning. The sea literally surrounds me 180 degrees while standing on the terrace. I am the lucky houseguest of Count and Countess Gianfranco and Alba Ferri de Lazara in their Calabrian beach villa in the town of San Nicola Arcella. The Ferris have houses all over Italy, their weekend house in the country is a national historical monument for heaven's sake, but this seaside locale is by far my favorite.

The morning starts with breakfast on the stunning terrace overlooking the views above, and consists of warm brioche filled with cream, apricot jam or nutella from Da Franco, the bakery just up the street:

Once in bathing suits, we walk the 500 steps down to the black sand beach to the beach club called Lido Rocco, where we lay out and swim and then retire to the shade for a homemade lunch of pasta and fresh seafood:
Here start the 500 steps down to the beach

Lido Rocco

Having lunch on the beach at Lido Rocco

Linguine with fresh clams and mussels

A simple but delicious homemade tomato sauce with penne pasta
In the evening we go home to shower and watch the sunset, then prepare for dinner al fresco on the terrace with fresh fish and lots of ice cold local white wine.
The table is set for dinner overlooking the sea

A beautiful sunset captured from our terrace

Into the oven goes the catch of the day, doesn't get much fresher than this!

After so much sun, salty sea air, and wine, we all retire to bed after a game of cards around midnight, only to get up and do it all again tomorrow! I am not sure how I will ever return to cold and dreary London weather after this long weekend. Pin It

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  1. Everything looks so great.. just reminds me of how much I need a vacation.