Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Nicola Arcella, Italy - A long weekend in Calabria (Day 2)

Day two in paradise, I again woke up to brilliant sunshine, and this amazing view of the Golfo di Policastro from my bedroom window (just stunning how the bougainvillea seems to frame this picture). We decided to skip the beach club today and take the boat out so that we could have lunch in neighboring Maratea, and of course a refreshing swim in whatever little cove we felt like dropping anchor.

our boat

On our way, we passed the statue of Christ the Reedemer in Maratea, built completely of Cararra marble, and known to seamen as the 'faceless Christ' because his face looks inland towards the basilica and not out to the sea. 

Maratea's Christ the Redeemer statue built by a Florentine sculptor

Our first stop was at Lido Secca, where we all jumped off the boat and went for a swim in turquoise blue waters.
Jumping off the boat into turquoise waters. Guess which (pale) one of us lives in London?!?!

Next, we pulled anchor and drove to the port of Maratea, where we docked and got off for a lunch of fresh salads, bruschette, and piadine at Il Clubbino, right on the port.
Port of Maratea

Looking out to the port of Maratea from Il Clubbino, our lunch spot

Yummy tomato and mozzarella bruschetta

After lunch we hopped back on the boat and returned to La Secca to meet friends for an espresso and a gelato, in the shade overlooking the sea.

The beautiful view from La Secca
After double kissing friends goodbye, we swam back to the boat and headed towards home, but not before stopping to anchor for one last swim behind the Isola di Dino (which we look out onto from the terrace of the house), known for its grotta azzurra (blue cave) where you can swim in crystal blue waters surrounded by fish.

Looking out onto the Island of Dino from the house
Once home and showered we walked to the little historical town square of San Nicola Arcella, where the Italian grandmothers sit outside in plastic chairs in front of their houses to chat. The close-knit locals of this town can spot a tourist from a mile away.
Town square of San Nicola Arcella

Walking up to Il Vicolo Vineria in the historical old town

The most happening spot is a tiny wine bar called Il Vicolo Vineria, where you sit on cushions on steps sipping local wine and munching snacks or sweet cakes under the shadow of the church’s bell tower. If you ever visit San Nicola Arcella, you must absolutely come here for a pre or post dinner drink! It is worth browsing the photos on their website to get a real flavor of the quaintness of this bar.

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  1. I LOVE following your blog with my morning coffee, and as always these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!