Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paris, France - Au Coin des Gourmets (Indochine)

The location on 38, rue du Mont Thabor
Absolutely loving the authenticity and flavors of Au Coin des Gourmets, a Vietnamese/Cambodian restaurant a French colleague recommended in Paris. I visited their Right Bank location (38, rue du Mont Thabor), which is frequented by locals and the fashionable ladies who work in the Chanel offices on nearby Rue Cambon, though they have another outpost on the Rive Gauche (5, rue Dante). Overseen by matriarch owner, Barbara Ta, you should reserve in advance for both lunch and dinner, and ask for a table upstairs instead of in the basement.

Dishes are wonderfully flavorful with subtle and delicate notes of ginger, jasmine, mint and other various spices that never overpower. We ordered steamed pork dumplings, which literally melted in the mouth, followed by plates of chicken and ginger, beef and chilli, and the piece de resistance: a cod fish marinated in coconut milk cooked inside a banana leaf with delicate leaves of cabbage; all complemented by pots of warm sticky rice. This meal was the highlight of my four day weekend in Paris, and for anyone who enjoys this type of cuisine, Au Coin des Gourmets is not to be missed.

Pork dumplings
Sliced beef with chili
Chicken with fresh ginger
A banana leaf wrapped cod
Cod fish cooked in a banana leaf with coconut milk and cabbage
A packed house at lunchtime
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  1. Looks lovely. I have fond memories of eating Vietnamese/Cambodia food in Paris. (I didn't find anything that measured up until I actually went to Cambodia!) Au Coin des Gourmets definitely on my list for next time I'm in Paris...

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  3. I love the french cuisine. Especially the emphasis on beauty and display. Every meal is a work of art!