Friday, December 30, 2011

Boston, Massachusetts - Galleria Umberto


Today marks one year that I have been eating, sleeping, shopping and gallivanting around the world and reporting it all back to you! Thanks to all of my faithful followers who both read and use my travel advice. As a special treat, I am going to reveal, what I believe to be, my most coveted food secret in Boston: Galleria Umberto (289 Hanover Street in Boston's North End).  I hesitated to share this special place, as the line to reach the counter is already long enough, but it is just too sacred an eatery to keep to myself. I grew up on this food.

Arancini, panini, potato croquettes and calzone 

Galleria Umberto, located in Boston's North End, opened its doors in 1965 (originally on Parmenter Street) and was founded by an Italian immigrant. Today his family carry on the tradition of homemade square pan pizza, calzone, panini, potato croquettes and arancini (the size of oranges). The two brothers work the counter and the rest of the family are in the kitchen. This is as authentic as you get; the minute you step through the door you feel like you have been transported back in time to the old Italy of long ago.

The menu is simple and only features a few items, at dirt cheap prices. Galleria Umberto is only open from 11am to 2pm each day and closed on Sundays. But beware, unless you show up when the doors open at 11am, you will wait in line for at least an hour.

Ralph serves up the juicy and hot square pan pizza

Paul grabbing boxes to fill the take-out orders

The inside of an arancino: ground meat, peas and melted cheese fried in a ball of rice

Food can be taken away or eaten inside here at tables

Only a few menu items, and look at the low prices!

The original founders of Galleria Umberto

At lunchtime, the line is out the door!

The store front on Hanover Street in Boston

And still to this day, you can see the old Italian immigrants doing their daily shopping in and around the shops of Boston's North End:

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  1. It all looks so good! Hope to get to Boston someday soon & visit. Happy New Year to you!

  2. That looks delicious and those are some insanely cheap prices! I hope you had a wonderful time home!
    -Scott Radabaugh

  3. Umberto is my favorite favorite pizza pie in Boston. Don't tell anybody else about it. ;)