Friday, May 18, 2012

Paris, France - Hotel du Nord Restaurant

The buzzing bar scene

Hotel du Nord is off the beaten track on the Canal St. Martin and is a buzzing and lively place full of local and hip Parisians. It is perhaps most famous for the movie of the same name that was filmed nearby. The restaurant glows with lit candles, dark wood accents, shelves of books, and has a bohemian vibe. The menu is nouveau fusion and changes often as they serve whatever is fresh from the market. The food is not mind-blowing, but the cool crowd and relaxed, cozy atmosphere provide an overall enjoyable experience. Service is friendly and unpretentious (wish I could say the same for every other establishment in France!). Reservations are a must. 

Salade Chinoise: Asian chopped cabbage salad

Avocado and crab starter

Ravioli filled with goats cheese and pine nuts with rucola, sun-dried tomatoes and parmigiano

Salmon and fresh market vegetables
French cheese and dessert wine

Love the tiled floor in the bar area!
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