Friday, November 9, 2012

London, England - Bubbledogs

The line to get in!

First it was Meat Liquor, then it was Burger & Lobster, and now following in this formula of restaurants that offer very few menu items and do not take reservations, thus ensuring achingly long lines, is Bubbledogs. Recently opened Bubbledogs, with it wine bar style interior, only serves two things: grower champagnes and hot dogs. Literally, that’s it. An interesting combination, to say the least.

Whether Bubbledogs, with its catchy name and clever logo, is another flash in the pan restaurant fad or will be around for years remains to be seen. But, at the present moment the lines are out the door at both lunch and dinner.

I went to Bubbledogs this past Wednesday night with ten other American friends. We had originally reserved the Kitchen Table, the only reservable part of the restaurant (picture below), but our reservation somehow didn't make it into their system. While we were disappointed to miss out on the action in the kitchen, the manager bent over backwards to accommodate us and at least secured us two tables next to each other. He kept the champagne flowing and comped our entire bill. Unexpected and highly appreciated. 

Kitchen Table
great logo! 
The menu
What we drank
You have your choice of all beef, all pork or all veggie hot dogs, and then you can decide on any of about twelve "interesting" topping combinations. Here are two of what we tried (everyone else was too hungry to wait for me to photograph their dogs):

Sloppy Joe all beef hot dog with chili, cheese and chopped onions
Fourth of July: all beef hot dog wrapped in bacon with smokey BBQ sauce and coleslaw
Sweet potato fries, my favorite! 
Final verdict: its great to know I have a place to go in London where I can get champagne and hot dogs, but let's be honest, I'm not sure how often that craving will strike. Both the champers and the hot dogs were high quality and delicious, and it was a fun experience, but given the long lines and limited menu, its not a place that will make my roster of go-to spots. 

Call me nostalgic, but I prefer the simplicity of a hot dog with char-grill marks topped with Heinz ketchup, mustard, and relish from someone's backyard barbecue. 

Here's our group of American ex pats, minus me, the photographer
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