Monday, August 8, 2016

Newport, Rhode Island - The Lawn at Castle Hill Inn

There are few places more quintessential New England summer chic than Newport, Rhode Island. And the perfect place to take it all in on a sunny day is the rolling lawn overlooking the harbor and the Jamestown bridge at the Relais & Chateaux property Castle Hill Inn

Whether you are staying at the property or not, you can enjoy a lovely alfresco lunch at their informal bar and restaurant called The Lawn. Think warm summer breezes, fresh salty ocean air, frosty cold cocktails, and delectable favorites like lobster rolls, a variety of seafood and juicy burgers (topped with lobster if you want!).

You won't be at a loss for entertainment, some of the most stunning yachts and sail boats parade back and forth on their way in and out of the harbor. I would have gladly accepted a ride on this one:

For lunch we devoured native fish tacos with crispy tortillas, slaw and a side of corn on the cob:

As well as a marinated seafood salad with calamari, smoked mussels, baby shrimp and roasted peppers in a garlic-fennel vinaigrette:

After lunch you can take an afternoon nap on one of the large, white Adirondack chairs that dot the lawn. Really there is no reason to leave ... 

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