Thursday, July 21, 2016

Florence, Italy - LUISA VIA ROMA Cocktail at the Belmond Villa San Michele

High up in the Florentine hills sits the stunning five star Belmond Villa San Michele, which was the host of a fabulous outdoor evening cocktail and shopping party to celebrate the launch of my pillows now being available for sale at renown Florence retailer LUISA VIA ROMA

LUISA VIA ROMA could not have picked a more perfect location. Villa San Michele has been, and continues to be, the chosen hideaway for celebrities and high-profile clientele alike. And the setting, well that just speaks for itself! It is pretty tough to beat the verdant views out over Tuscany from the hotel's spectacular gardens. 

Guests were treated to cocktails for this 'Fashion Happy Hour' as well as a specially curated selection of clothes, accessories and home decor items, amongst them, our Alexandra D. Foster pillows. There was also an interactive touch screen that allowed customers to shop directly on the LUISA VIA ROMA website.

The next time you are in Florence, make sure to visit the LUISA VIA ROMA shop right in the center of town, and do stop by the Villa San Michele for a stroll through the gardens, a drink or bite to eat, and some magnificent views over the city.

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  1. It's a beautiful place, having such an open and joyous feeling to it. It's totally amazing! This is definitely a wonderful place to spend time. It's plenty fun to sit at the venues and enjoy food and drinks with amazing conversations.

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  4. I fell in love with those pillows and chairs. So bright, and sweet and funny. I want to buy them instantly and remake all my home design just for fitting them into my house. What a pity that my salary won't allow me to do such a thing. Maybe I should consider on working for more? Ah, I don't know.

  5. these pictures make me feel wow, whoever took them should be give a 5 star, though they look expensive they are worth the cost. Next semester i will pay for essays so that i can have time to visit one of this places in the photos.