Friday, July 27, 2012

London, England - The Olympic Torch Relay

Crowds lining Regent Street in London
It wouldn't be London without a red double decker bus!
Even the police are in good moods, hi-fiving spectators as they go
Many party floats preceded the torch

Olympic fever has officially begun here in London. The Olympic torch finally made its way into the city and I happened to watch it come down Regent Street in front of my office last evening. While I haven’t scored tickets to any of the events, my friends are throwing many parties to get in the spirit. Tonight I am going to an Opening Ceremony party at a friend’s flat, and tomorrow all of us Americans will get together for a BBQ. Where will you be watching the Olympics?? 

What did we all do before the smart phone?
A close up of the torch and London 2012 logo

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