Friday, July 20, 2012

Lyndhurst, England - Day Two in the New Forest

Woke up early last Sunday morning at Lime Wood to find the sun out and decided to go for a 5 mile bike ride through the New Forest. There was so much green and it was beautiful to see the sun shining through the trees. There are paths all throughout the forest that go for miles and miles and they are perfect for jogging or biking. At one point I saw a massive falcon swoop by and its wing span was amazing! 

On the return ride I had a very Robert Frost "two roads diverged in a wood" moment (photo above) and had no idea which road was the right one back to the hotel. Moment of panic. I'm not sure if I took the one less travelled by, but luckily the one I did choose led me straight to breakfast!

After a lazy breakfast reading The Sunday Times, I headed to the Herb House Spa on the property and had a very relaxing facial in one of their treatments rooms. It is a beautiful spa and I highly recommend a visit here if you are staying at Lime Wood. 

At 2pm we checked out of the hotel and headed to the neighboring town of Brockenhurst for lunch at The Pig, which is the sister hotel to Lime Wood. It was a 6 minute ride and again, full of cattle, greenery, and thatched roof houses.

The dining room has a lovely glass roof and funky tiled floor with worn pine dining tables and chairs. It is a very popular restaurant for both lunch and dinner. All of the food is locally sourced and the menu changes constantly depending on what is in season. The kitchen is overseen by Chef James Golding who is ex Mark Hix –Ivy, Caprice, Sheekys and Soho House New York.

We decided to order a lot of small plates, or what they call "piggy bits," and dine tapas style, though they do have large Sunday roasts and big main meals of pork and fish as well. What we ate:

Meat loaf with caramelized onions
Prosciutto wrapped around carrots
Smoked salmon
These were just fried balls of animal fat - ya I stayed away from those!
Spicy fried onions
Tomato and basil salad
Chocolate mousse cake with cream and raspberries
Frozen toffee with hazelnuts - tasted like the most delicious salted caramel ice cream!
Dining room
Dining room tiled floor
The front of the hotel
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