Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lymington, England - A Day in the New Forest

Woke up Saturday morning at Lime Wood and had a warm porridge breakfast in The Scullery (photo above) before heading out for a drive through the New Forest to the neighboring seaport town of Lymington. The New Forest covers an area of about 145 miles of shrubby lowland, open pastures and forest, and is an area of outstanding beauty. There are wild horses and cows everywhere you look and I was particularly struck by how many brand new foals were around. You can literally pull over to the side of the road and be right next to them.

We were lucky enough to get to Lymington in time to see the Olympic torch run through the center of town.

A beautiful, Georgian market town, Lymington is world renown as a sailing resort. From the bottom of the High Street a cobblestone road leads down to the Old Town Quay, still used as a base by commercial fishing boats. The Quay is filled with quaint little shops and many delicious bakeries, some also serving New Forest ice cream.

We stopped at the Ship Inn, right smack on the harbor, and had a pint of beer on their outside patio. It is a cosy little pub that is perfect for a drink and a small snack. Locals say the best restaurant however, is Egan's

The winding roads through the forest are easy to drive and so picturesque. I loved the thatch roof homes.

British weather is wet and the countryside can be muddy, so come prepared. What I'm wearing: Barbour Bedale Jacket, London based denim label PDA (Public Display of Affection) jeans, lots of layering t-shirts from Gap Body and Hunter Wellington boots.

Once back at the hotel, we spent the rest of the afternoon reading magazines and lazing around the indoor pool and drinking blueberry and banana smoothies from their smoothie bar called Raw and Cured

Around 5:30pm we headed into the main house and sat in this beautiful purple room while sipping Bellini cocktails. The great thing about Lime Wood is that you can literally sit in any part of the building and they will serve you food and drink. You can have a meal on the couch if it so suits you! 

What we ate: 
Baked crab with toast points
Smoked salmon, new potatoes, mint and peas
Scullery Chicken Club with french fries
Steak sandwich with french fries

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  1. I love the idea you can order food and drink any where... sounds so dreamy, if not a bit muddy and wet for England!