Friday, December 14, 2012

Venice, Italy - Rubelli Fabrics at the Palazzo Corner Spinelli

 Palazzo Corner Spinelli
On a recent trip to Venice I was fortunate enough to visit the Rubelli headquarters, one of the most famous textile houses in the world, located in the 15th century Palazzo Corner Spinelli. 

Isabella Campagnol, head curator of the Rubelli archives and historical collection welcomed me with open arms and donned white gloves to show me a selection of over 6,000 rare Rubelli fabrics that date back to the 1800s.

Rubelli's elaborate weaves, damasks, brocades, silks and velvets have been used over the past 125 years for religious vestments, royal train carriages, cruise ships, theaters, theatrical costumes, the famous Cafe Florian in Venice's St. Mark's Square, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, as well as private palazzi and homes all over the world. 

Having supplied their fabrics in the 1930s, Rubelli was instrumental in the restoration of La Fenice in 2003, after the tragic 1996 fire. Their fabrics have also been used in La Scala in Milan and the Doges Palace in Venice.

The Palazzo Corner Spinelli, which houses the Rubelli archives and showroom, is an absolutely breathtaking building that looks out to the Grand Canal. I nearly lost all consciousness over the ornate gilded ceiling in one of the meeting rooms.

Rubelli is a company whose exquisite masterworks and tradition are so deeply woven into the history of Venice itself, and I can’t thank Isabella enough for the effusive welcome and hospitality she showed me during my visit to the Palazzo Corner Spinelli.

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