Friday, January 18, 2013

Paris, France - 1728

Paris is romantic enough on its own that even an average bistro in this French capital feels magical. But if you want to go somewhere truly amorous and special, that oozes with history, then 1728 is the place. 

Located off Rue Saint Honore, 1728 is open for lunch and traditional afternoon tea, but its during dinner that the drawing rooms in this 18th century townhouse really seduce, complete with crackling fireplace, crystal chandeliers and dancing candlelight from candelabras. (It's so romantic, I think I even spied Cupid shooting love arrows from somewhere up in the cornice.)

The Marquis de Lafayette spent the last years of his life here, entertaining notable socialites, politicians and dignitaries. "Each reception room, each apartment, every area exudes a major event, an important meeting, a famous love affair, a revolution." 

The food is a mix of Japanese and French fusion and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. 

Here's what we ate:

Amuse bouche of salmon and avocado mousse:

Tartar of raw beef - Cut to order with capers and rocket salad:

Faubourg - Tartar of Albacore tuna fish with basil, lemon grass, ginger, marinated algae, french sea salt, Madagascar pepper:

Katana Duo - For two guests. A beautiful beef rib from Simmental (Bavaria), marinated and cooked on the bone. Served with new potatoes. 

The dessert tray:

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