Friday, January 4, 2013

St. Barth's, French West Indies - Day One

St. Barth's has been on my travel destinations wish list for ages now. This year me, my roommate, and her brother finally made it happen by renting a villa on the island for a week. 

I flew direct from Boston to St. Maarten (3.5 hours) and then hopped on Winair for the 15 minute, 20 seater, propeller plane ride to St. Barth's. If you are at all afraid of flying I highly suggest taking the boat instead, though I found the ride to be one of the highlights of the trip. The scenery is breathtaking. 

The landing at St. Barth's airport is a total experience. You nose dive over a cliff onto the runway and then brake like mad so as not to end up on St. Jean Beach at the end of the runway.

We rented a convertible so we could whip around the winding, hilly roads with the wind in our hair and the warm sun bathing us in its rays (a real novelty for the three of us who live in London and don't see sun very often!).

From the airport we drove to our two bedroom, two bath villa in Vitet, complete with swimming pool and all white 'Miami-like' modern interior. We had daily maid service and every amenity possible from wifi to interior/exterior Bose stereo system, toiletries in the bathrooms, and all conceivable appliances in the kitchen. You can find more info on La Magnifica villa here.

After settling in, unpacking and stocking the house with provisions, we went to a friend from New York City's five bedroom villa for a delicious dinner party with food prepared by a private chef. In attendance were more models than you could shake a stick at, as well as Russell Simmons. 

Here is a stunning view of the moon illuminating the ocean, which was our view from the dinner table at our friend's villa.

It was a low-key first day of settling in, but the island is so spectacularly beautiful and I can't wait to share with you what we did in the following days. 

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