Thursday, January 31, 2013

Verbier, Switzerland - Final Day in the Swiss Alps

On our last day in Verbier we only had time for lunch before heading to the airport, so we went to a restaurant called Le Carrefour, which came very highly recommended.  This is another restaurant that you can reach from the slopes if you are skiing during the day. 

Le Carrefour specializes in mountain cuisine, with an emphasis on cheese and meats as well as marinated mushrooms (which you can also buy by the jar) and rostis. Rostis are a typical Swiss peasant dish from Bern and are made of grated and roasted potatoes with diced bacon and onions. I ordered one with typical Swiss cheeses from the region (shown below).

Also not to be missed are the various fondues and the deer filet, which you grill yourself on the hot stone they provide with sprigs of rosemary (shown below):

The view from our table at Le Carrefour:

After lunch, we started the journey back to the Geneva airport and I snapped these pictures from the car ride down from Verbier:

We all thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend in Verbier and would definitely make a return visit. Its a quaint little skiing village with breathtaking scenery and fabulous cuisine with an active nightlife. What more could you ask for? 

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